Gemstone Jewellery

Coloured gemstones are found in all the colours of the rainbow.
Red – for beautiful rubies, spinels, tourmalines and garnets
Orange - for sapphires and citrines
Yellow - for sapphires and amber
Green - for emeralds, tourmalines, peridots and tsavorite garnets
Blue - for sapphires, aquamarines and blue topaz
Indigo - for sapphires, iolites, spinels and tourmaline
Violet - for sapphires and amethysts

Tourmaline has been known as the rainbow gem as it is found in all colours of the rainbow but other gemstone families also exhibit a wide variety of colours e.g. corundum, garnet, beryl and spinel.

There is also Australia’s famous gemstone, opal which exhibits a beautiful play of many different colours all in the one stone.
For some colour in your life, think about these precious gems from nature.